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        US VETERANS FRIENDS LUXEMBOURG a public organization founded in 1992 our headquarters are located in the           community of Contern,  about 5km away from the Luxembourg American Cemetery.


    In 1992 our association adopted every single grave of the 5,079 GIs buried at the U.S. Cemetery at Hamm  

     (Luxembourg). Thus, every Memorial Day, the USVF-L sponsor and lay a rose at the foot of each gravestone of every      single GI.


     We also did the sponsoring of some of the features and equipment useful and helpful to the US cemetery and its staff.


     Further on  the USVF-L are involved in the sponsoring and maintenance of  WW2 memorials

            all over the country and even in the "Grande Région" area. The USVF-L also attend

           wreath laying ceremonies, WW2 monument inaugurations with representatives and

            association flag.

     For many years the USVF-L have been organizing with support of the community at Hoscheid

            every December 16th (6:30am) a Night Vigil in remembrance of the beginning of the Battle

            of the Bulge.


     Last but not least, we are devoted to WW2 US Veterans and their families. To achieve

            these aims, we have been organizing all over the years our famous "Friendship Week"

            in June and also guided individual Veterans in their search of the past all over the

            former battle fields of Luxembourg.